How do I Begin Working remotely?

Classes are not cancelled! Although classes will not be meeting at our locations, your instructors will be posting their lectures and your assignments in Google Classroom and may even hold online class meetings. You must stay in touch with your instructor through whatever means she or he has established! This will count towards your attendance.

How can I meet with my instuctor?

Using Google Meet you can easily connect with your class from anywhere. With easy-to-join video calls, you can meet face to face without the added cost of travel.


Classroom helps students and teachers organize assignments, boost collaboration, and foster better communication.

Where can I get Technical help?

For technical help please visit our Tech Support Page.

Where can I get tutoring?

For tutoring help please visit the Tutoring Section on this page.


  • Make sure you know how your instructor will be communicating with you! Will it be through email? Google Classroom? The Remind App? WhatsApp?
    Be sure you know, so you can check on a regular
    basis to make sure you’re staying up-to-date with
    the class material and assignments!
  • Make sure you know how you’re supposed to submit
    your assignments!
  • Make sure you know if you’re supposed to use Zoom or FaceTime or Skype to “attend” class at the usual time!
  • For assistance in finding out what you need to do about any of your classes, contact your instructor at his or her email address.


Your instructor is able to communicate with you using only your assigned email address OR using an app like Google Classroom, WhatsApp, or Remind that allows communication but hides everyone’s personal data including phone numbers and email addresses. We cannot communicate with you using your private email account unless it is to remind you to use Google, Remind, WhatsApp or another application that cloaks your personal contact information.

How to Sign into Google

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Sign-in to Google

  • When you’re signing in to Google and you’re asked to choose an account, you’ll type in your LIEOC email address which is formatted as follows: This is case sensitive, so be sure to use all lowercase letters!
  • Your initial password for Google will be sent via email (First time users will be prompted to change their passwords if they choose)

For Example: 

    • If your name is Frydo Kihlo-River, your email address will be but if that doesn’t work, try and if that doesn’t work, try
    • If your name is Arthur Eve, your email address will be

Step 3: Once logged into Google you will have access to all of the applications in the Google Suite such as; Google Classroom, Google Meet, etc.

Step 4: If you are having trouble accessing your services visit Tech Support.

Docs is a real-time collaboration and document authoring tool. Multiple users can edit a document at the same time, while seeing each other’s’ changes instantaneously. Users can produce text documents, slide presentations, spreadsheets, drawings, and surveys.

Drive is a file storage and synchronization service that allows users to store files on their servers, synchronize files across devices, and share files.

Sheets is a web-based program for creating and editing spreadsheets. similar to Microsoft Excel.

An instant messaging service that provided both text and voice communication.

Slides is an online presentations app similar to Microsoft Power Point.

A web-based app used to create forms for data collection purposes. Students and teachers can use Google Forms to make surveys, quizzes, or event registration sheets similar to Microsoft Excel.

With Google Calendar, you can quickly schedule meetings and events and get reminders about upcoming activities, so you always know what’s next. Calendar is designed for teams, so it’s easy to share your schedule with others and create multiple calendars that you and your team can use together.

Use Google Calendar to schedule Meet video conference for a one to one or a one to many meeting.

A video conference app accessible via desktop computer, laptop, and Android or iOS device.

Meet features:

  • 200 participants in one meeting
  • No time limits
  • Real time closed captioning
  • Meeting host can record meeting and save it to G-Drive

Google Classroom’s purpose is to facilitate paperless communication between teachers and students and streamline educational workflow. Classroom allows teachers to create classes, post assignments, organize folders, and view work in real-time

Google Translate is a multilingual machine translation service to translate text. It offers a website interface, a mobile app for Android and iOS.

Contacts contains all staff, faculty and students email information.

Helpful app when scheduling a meeting.

Contacting Student Services

Email will be the best form of communication during a time of remote classes. Please contact the counselor for your assigned class or one of the career counselors for job/resume related questions. Below you will find their email addresses and class or unit assignments. If you are unsure of who to email or you have not received a response in a timely manner, contact Brian Schwirzbin – Assistant Director for Student Services at or or via text/phone at (516) 531-7767.

Class Unit Assignments

ABE / DEV Math – Marian Nelson (
ABE / DEV English – Victoria DelZotto (
HSE – Barbara Ayo (
VAE – Annette Wyche (
ESL 1 – Rony Rodas (
ESL 2 Day – Marian Nelson (
ESL 2 Evening – Barbara Ayo (
ESL 3 Part 1 & 2 – Theadora Sutton (
MOS Word Morning – Darleyne Mayers (
MOS Word Evening – Maria Matos (
MOS Powerpoint – Rony Rodas (
MOS Excel – Annette Wyche (

Counselor Schedules

All counselors are generally available during the hours of Monday – Friday, 9:00PM – 5:00PM. In addition, there will be a counselor available in the evening until 8:00pm (Monday – Thursday) while summer classes are in session from July 1 – August 14. Below is the schedule for evening counselors:

Darleyne Mayers (

Rony Rodas (

July 8 – Theadora Sutton (
July 15 – Victoria DelZotto (
July 22 – Barbara Ayo (
July 29 – Marian Nelson (
August 5 – Eliana Panora (
August 12 – Nicole Hershkopf (

Thursdays – Annette Wyche (