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Where Education Meets Opportunity! Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Long Island EOC has organized a Virtual Open House to share with you our tuition-FREE programs, for qualified New York State residents. Our classes this Fall 2020, will be offered through distance learning/online instruction, from September 8th – December 14th.

The College Connection program integrates a 21st Century approach. This initiative helps you enhance your researching skills while identifying your post-secondary options. College Connection provides you with the technological foundation for completing applications online and accessing the necessary tools used by colleges, universities, and financial aid resources. This event includes workshops for DACA Students, Financial Aid, and College Admissions.

2020 Long Island EOC Graduation Celebration

This is a tribute to the remarkable year that many of our graduation candidates have completed. They have overcome significant obstacles to achieve their goals & personal successes, from the Summer of 2019 through the Spring of 2020 and through a global pandemic, no less! 

Long Island EOC graduates are scheduled to receive certificates of completion from our many career training and academic preparation programs. This includes vocational areas such as Allied Health, Business Careers and Technology, as well as college preparation, high school equivalency, and English for Speakers of Other Languages.

Thousands of friends and relatives of this year’s graduates from across New York State are expected to attend a virtual ceremony. Please join us as we celebrate and honor the Long Island EOC Class of 2020.