Emergency Technician Program

Vincent Barranco


Our exciting discussion topic today is in the allied health field – EMT.  Professor Vincent Barranco will provide an in depth conversation about this topic.  If you have an interest in helping others, are capable of making decisions under pressure, demonstrate compassion, patience and integrity, and can lift 125 pounds this may be the field of study for you.

Listen to the podcast and learn what the associated costs will be; as well as the various levels of training required to the role of Paramedic. Those planning to advance to Paramedic are encouraged to continue as an EMT for at least 2 years to be sure that this is the area of study you wish to acquire.

The Certified Nurse Aide course at the LIEOC

Dr. Karen Coutrier

Healthcare is very much in demand on Long Island.  This podcast will discuss what, here at the LIEOC, is offered to prepare students for Certified Nurse Aide, and Pre-Certified Nurse Aide training.   At the end of training, the NYS Certifying exam, through Prometric testing will be available for a fee.  And, upon passing the test, the student is qualified to work in a nursing home, hospital, assisted living center or private home.  Listen to our esteemed Nursing Professor, Dr. Karen Coutrier, RN NP as she converses with our moderator, Darleyne Mayers, Associate Director of Student and Community Engagement and provides a thorough discussion on this topic. 

Career Employment Services provided at the LIEOC

Dr. Corinthia Price

We had our initial kickoff of this very exciting activity today.  We premiered with a discussion on the services provided in our Career Workforce Development Department.  Services provided to our students and the community are outstanding.  Current job search techniques, proper resume preparation, interviewing skills, negotiating salaries and benefits, understanding the internet “information highway” to utilize websites such as LinkedIn to submit and update employable profiles, where to seek proper interviewing attire, it was just super! Oh, and I left out job shadowing and internships.

Take time to listen to this information, there is something for everyone. Dr. Corinthia Price, Assistant Director -Workforce Development has a multitude of great activities that will assist seekers to obtain meaningful employment opportunities.

The Pharmacy Technician course at the LIEOC

Yvon Proux

In this podcast session one will learn about the field of Pharmacy and the various opportunities that are available to persons acquiring Pharmacy Tech certification.  You want to listen to this podcast if you have the slightest interest or curiosity about Pharmacy Tech. Professor Yvon Proux, instructor of Pharmacy Technician at the LIEOC provides a very in-depth and detailed explanation of the many opportunities for completers of our Pharmacy Technician course.

Entrance to the program requires a high school diploma, a reading level of 11 and a math level of 10. At the LIEOC you will learn drug names, classifications, the aseptic technique, and compounds. At the completion of the course, which may be as little as 12 weeks, you will be invited to sign up for a test through a national certifying agency which will administer their test (PTCB) Pharmacy Technician.  The Certification Board is based in Washington, DC. California and Texas require an Associate Degree, New York requires a PTCB certificate.

Pharmacy Technicians may work in nursing homes, community pharmacies, chain drug stores, mail order pharmacies, hospitals, and often insurance companies. Many places, and many options.

To become a pharmacist, one would need to develop a strong mastery of math and science, and pass an entrance exam, (PCAT) Pharmacy College Admissions Test.