2018-2019 SUNY UCAWD Impact Report


Executive Director & Dean

With over 10 years in higher education leadership roles, Dr. Morote is passionate about ensuring access to education through college readiness programs designed to help low-income and under-served minorities, under-prepared students and out-of-school adults. She has expertise running k-16 transition to college programs/early college initiatives, college readiness programs, school-college partnership programs, stem and diversity & inclusion programs. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and completed post-doctoral work in quantitative methods at MIT.

Operational Insights

The Long Island Educational Opportunity Center has three locations- one of which is located on Farmingdale State College. This location provides and creates an opportunity to participate in real life experiences of what a college campus is actually like. The faculty and staff provide a framework of evidence based practices and are grounded in core competencies which create multiple pathways for higher educational and work-based integrated learning outcomes. Our signature programs are the Certified Nursing Assistant program as well as the College Prep for Army Veterans and re-entry population.

During the course of the 2018-2019 Program Year, LIEOC has continued to thrive. It surpassed the set goals for enrollment, retention, and completion. In addition, it increased its external funding. to support CNA programs in our Hempstead location and Business Programs.

A great percentage of LIEOC alumni are now off welfare. In 2018-2019, the LIEOC enrolled 1,786 students or 58% receiving welfare (based on reported income sources). After attending the LIEOC, as a direct result of increased salaries, 80% of those students – 828 families — were no longer receiving welfare. This represents a savings of $22 million to New York State.

The LIEOC’s Brentwood location is now a TASC testing site and the EOC provides transport for HSE students to Brentwood from our other two locations. Our ability to test our own HSE students is contributing to the strengthening of our high school equivalency program and we expect it to aid in the strengthening of the college prep program as well.

culture of Early Action

LIEOC’s annual focus for 2018-2019 was student retention. After evaluating the challenges, LIEOC decided on several strategies to tackle retention. It implemented an early warning system, introduced a new tutoring service, exit interviews and created new community engagement activities.


Developments on Long Island

The Long Island Educational Opportunity Center (LIEOC) has developed a reputation for creatively breaking barriers and leading innovation as it relates to meeting students where they are. 58% of EOC students were receiving welfare before entering the Long Island EOC. After completion, 80% were off welfare between a year. In addition, EOC Students who have engaged in an entrepreneurial activity due to LIEOC reported that they have increased their annual income by up to $20K.

LIEOC was able to expand its use of SMART technology in the Brentwood and Hempstead facilities. The addition of these SMART systems means that virtually all classrooms at all three LIEOC locations are equipped with their SMART technology or with computer-overhead projector combinations. This broad deployment of technology allows any instructor to deliver material through Google Classroom and to use any of a growing number of computer-aided learning sources. LIEOC also created an Allied Health simulation lab in Brentwood that allows students located throughout the different classrooms to have remote visual access to what is happening in the simulation lab.

LIEOC has an Entrepreneurship and Technology Center that expanded programs for the EOC students. In agreement with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Open Learning initiative, the LIEOC offered a certificate for the course “You Can Innovate: User Innovation & Entrepreneurship” lead by MIT professor (Erdin Beshimov), and a facilitator at the Long Island EOC. The EOC students received an MIT certification. Students who completed the course founded companies or social agencies, or are attending college to learn business. Luis Lino (in the picture left) was one of the graduates. He has founded a company similar to “eBay” but
focuses on the Hispanic community in the USA.

In 2018, the LIEOC started to pilot the Virtual Assistant (VA) Entrepreneur program to give the students the skills and knowledge they need to be self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical assistance to clients remotely. LIEOC partnered with the Small Business Development Center of Farmingdale State College to offer a workshop mini-series on how to start a business. Students learned the business skills and startup mindset needed to embark on the entrepreneurial path. Alumna Wendy Pierre (in the picture right to Dr. Morote) founded a VA company currently providing employment to more than 50 people.